Delivering a basic life skill in primary classrooms

Making a difference in the community

Our role is simple: to deliver first-aid training to as many pupils in North-east Scotland as possible.

Teachers love what we do. In fact, most consider first-aid training a basic life skill everyone should learn, just like cycling or swimming.

Parents are just as enthusiastic, and we know the children love what we do — because they tell us! They find the training exciting and different, and they are very receptive. Children lack the fears and inhibitions we have as adults and they also are more prepared to do as they are told!

We also know what a difference the Grampian Training Services classroom programme makes out in the community. Here are just a few examples…

  • One pupil we trained helped her brother survive a car accident. She stopped his bleeding and managed his shock until the ambulance arrived. The crew said her first aid skills had saved his life.
  • Another recognised the symptoms when her grandfather had a heart attack. When he went into cardiac arrest, she performed CPR while waiting for help. Her grandad survived.
  • A boy stepped in when his younger brother began choking on a sweet while their mother was out of the room
  • Two pupils went to the rescue when a classmate fell off his scooter and was knocked unconscious. They put him in the recovery position until the ambulance arrived and were later told their action helped save his life.
Others have been able to help family or friends when they’ve been choking, or stung, fainted, been burned, or suffered an asthma attack.

Our Young Emergency Aider Award Scheme training begins in Primary 5 with Level 1, with Level 2 following in P6 and Level 3 in P7.
Aberdeen pupils Jac Banks (left) and Bradley Chalmers (right) helped save the life of Fernilea School classmate Tyler Hood (centre) when he fell off his scooter and was knocked unconscious. Just a few months earlier they had completed the Grampian Training Services Young Emergency Aider scheme and knew they had to put Tyler in the recovery position while waiting for help. The boys received their headteacher’s award. https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/fp/news/local/top-class-kids-saved-pals-life/

Discover how we can make a difference in your school — call us on 07971962576 or email us at enquiries@grampiantrainingservices.co.uk