Help us put first-aid training on every primary timetable

How training your staff can help us help your local school

Our mission is to take first-aid training into every primary school classroom in North-East Scotland and the wider country.

But there is no central or local government budget for what Grampian Training Services is doing.

Year after year, we find schools so strapped for cash that they are forced to choose between upgrading their IT, buying more books, fixing the playground, or equipping their pupils with life-saving skills.

And sadly, first-aid training all too often has to be sacrificed.

This is where your business could help -

So how does it work?

If you own or work for a business, by purchasing your mandatory first aid training from us, you are sponsoring one local school in your area to get free first-aid training.

In addition, your name will be closely associated with the service we deliver. Here are just some of the ways we’ll ensure you stay centre stage:

  • Your support will be mentioned whenever schools, parent councils and PTAs tell parents that Grampian Training Services is delivering training in to their pupils.
  • Your branding will feature on the certificate we award every pupil who completes our course as well as the other printed materials we use.
  • Your name will appear alongside ours across social media and press releases.

And of course, your support is completely tax deductible, as part of your corporate social responsibility commitment.

Watch our video for further information

Call us on 07971962576 or email us at to explore how you can help us reach more classrooms through corporate sponsorship.