The Young Emergency Aider Award Scheme for pupils

First-aid training delivered in primary schools

We deliver our primary school programme through the Grampian Training Services Young Emergency Aider Award Scheme for pupils.

This runs across three school years…

  • Primary 5 — ages 8-9
  • Primary 6 — ages 9-10
  • Primary 7 — ages 10-11

We start with Level 1, giving the P5 pupils a basic grounding in first-aid, including…

  • What do do at an accident scene
  • How to phone for help
  • How to handle asthma attacks and choking
  • How to place someone in the recovery position.

In Primary 6 at Level 2, they learn…

  • How to deal with stings
  • How to recognise anaphylactic shock
  • How to manage bleeding and nosebleeds
  • How to handle shock and burns.

And in Primary 7 at Level 3, we teach them…

  • How to deal with breaks
  • How to handle fainting and electrocution
  • How to respond to heart attacks and angina
  • How to administer CPR.
All the sessions are interactive, with group work, videos, word searches, and — above all — a lot of practical, hands-on work. This includes practising CPR on dummies.

At the end of each level, each pupil is awarded a certificate.

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