What teachers say about our training...

First-aid is an invaluable life skill. Fishermoss School pupils receive basic training in Primary 5 and progress their skills in P6 and P7. Through first-aid training, they are empowered to look after themselves and each other and it increases their confidence. They are enthusiastic because they quickly identify the impact these skills can have. Our parent-staff association provides the funding for Grampian Training Services’ first-aid courses as they recognise what a key life skill this is.

The courses help us deliver the Health and Wellbeing experiences and outcomes, and we have also found the training helps pupils become successful learners with enthusiasm and motivation; confident individuals with physical, mental and emotional well-being, self-respect and ambition; responsible citizens with respect for others and a commitment to participate in their community and the wider world; and effective contributors who can communicate, work together, solve problems and help others.

Margaret M. Ferguson, Fishermoss School
The pupils thoroughly enjoy Tom Malcolm’s input, and feel a real sense of pride and self-confidence in their ability to deal with a situation in the future. Parents are also keen to support this excellent initiative as is evidenced by the cost being met by my parent council every year. I thoroughly recommend Grampian Training Services to all primary schools.

Carol Hughes, Alehousewells Primary School
This training allows us to fulfil the Curriculum for Excellence Health and Wellbeing outcomes but we are also giving children important life skills that extend beyond the classroom. The opportunity to actively practice CPR using dummies is invaluable and these practical activities break through many barriers to learning children might have. I am also learning to assess and manage risk, protect myself and others, and to reduce the potential for harm whenever possible. I know I can demonstrate how to keep myself and others safe and how to respond in a range of emergency situations.

Grampian Training Services offers a programme that I am confident has already saved lives and will continue to do so in the future.

Diane Davidson, Gilcomston Primary School
Grampian Training Services has been coming to our school for many years and provides an outstanding service. They have taken the time to build a relationship with our school and are well respected by staff and pupils. All our children have enjoyed learning and understand first-aid is a valuable and important life skill. It is testament to the teaching that when some of our children have had to use their skills in a real-life situation they were able to make a difference while remaining calm and confident.

John Forrester, Auchenblae Primary School.

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