The youngster we train today could save your life tomorrow!

Taking first-aid training into the classroom

Did you know only around 12% of us in the UK have any first aid training? Elsewhere in Europe, it’s as many as 80%.

At Grampian Training Services, we want to change that and we’re starting by working with primary pupils in classrooms right across the North-east of Scotland.

So far we’re reaching youngsters in almost 90 schools in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Angus and Moray, but we want to reach many more.


We work with primary schools across the North-east of Scotland, delivering first-aid training to pupils aged between 8 and 11...



We can only deliver our vital training with the help of corporate sponsorship because there’s no government funding available…


Our young students save lives — and we can prove it! Here are just three examples…

  • A pupil we trained helped her brother survive a car accident. She stopped his bleeding and managed his shock until the ambulance arrived. The crew said her first aid skills had saved his life.

  • Another recognised the symptoms when her grandfather had a heart attack. When he went into cardiac arrest, she performed CPR while waiting for help. Her grandad survived.

  • Two pupils went to the rescue when a classmate fell off his scooter and was knocked unconscious. They put him in the recovery position until the ambulance arrived and the boys were later told their action helped save his life.

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